Maternity and nursing blouse Frances

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Maternity nursing blouse with lace


* A holiday model of a maternity and breastfeeding blouse made of light cooling viscose - that's why we recommend it for the spring and summer period, but it will also work great as a base, for example under a jacket or cardigan.

* Viscose is a breathable material that absorbs moisture beautifully - it gives a feeling of freshness. It is airy and light.

* The feeding option is possible thanks to the sewn-in feeding panel, which is lifted up - giving very quick access to the breast.

* The blouse is a convenience for a breastfeeding mother and her baby - it is soft, delicate and pleasant to the touch, moreover, it lacks zippers, zippers, buttons, etc.

* Beautiful, full of charm and femininity thanks to delicate frills that decorate the sleeves and the belly area, emphasizing its oval.

* The combination of viscose and elastane will make you feel in the blouse, as in a second skin - it restricts movement, beautifully adjusts to the body shape.

Color: black, white, pink, red

Size: S, M, L, XL 


95% viscose, 5% elastane


Manufactured in EU.